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Term & Conditions

These terms and conditions regulate both the Booking you ordered through Our Website and the occupation of your Room or other facility when you come to our House. When you use Our Website or book a Room, you confirm your agreement to these terms.

We are Vines on Bannockburn, Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Our address is 81 Bannockburn Road, Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand

You are: Anyone who uses Our Website or wants to book accommodation.

These are the agreed terms

1.    Definitions

“Booking”          means the booking of accommodation offered by us on Our Website.
“Our Website”   means any website or service designed for electronic access by mobile or fixed devices which is owned or                                     operated by us. It includes all the web pages controlled by us.
“Room”             means any room offered for Booking.
“House”            means our bed and breakfast accommodation at the address given above.
“Services”         means the provision by us of any accommodation and/or supply of food and drink and other services.


2.    Interpretation

In this agreement unless the context otherwise requires:
2.1.    the headings to the paragraphs are inserted for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation.
2.2.    any agreement by either party not to do or omit to do something includes an obligation not to allow some other                              person to do or omit to do that same thing.
2.3.    all money sums mentioned in this agreement are inclusive of GST.
2.4.    this agreement is made only in the English language. If there is any conflict in meaning between the English                                  language version of this agreement and any version or translation of this agreement in any other language, the                              English language version shall prevail.

3.    Basis of Contract

3.1.    In entering into this contract you have not relied on any representation or information from any source except the                            Booking details, the descriptions of the Rooms and explanation of the Services given on Our Website.
3.2.    You acknowledge that you understand exactly what is included in the Services and you are satisfied that the Room                        and Services are suitable and satisfactory for your requirements;
3.3.    The contract between us comes into existence only when we write to you to confirm that the Room you want is                              available. Your payment does not create a contract. If we decline to Book a Room we shall immediately return your                        money.
3.4.    We may change this agreement and / or the way we provide a Room, at any time. If you make any payment for                              Rooms or Services in the future, you will do so under the terms posted on Our Website at that time.
3.5.    One or more notices in a Room you have booked or around the House may contain information or our requirements                      as to procedures and behavior. By accepting this agreement, you are deemed to have accepted these notices as                          being incorporated in this contract, conditionally only upon your reading them.
3.6.    If you book a Room in the name of a business or company, you confirm that you have full authority to do so and you                      accept personal liability for any breach of this contract by any person who comes onto our House.

4.    Your Booking

4.1.    You may place a Booking either by paying for your Booking in full in advance of your arrival or on Our Website or by                      telephone.
4.2.    We may ask for an initial, non refundable deposit amount for reservations during peak season, events or long stays.
4.3.    You cannot transfer or resell your Booking (in whole or in part). If you transfer or resell (or attempt to transfer or                              resell) then Vines on Bannockburn will terminate your booking and retain any money paid to us for such Booking.
4.4.    In making a Vines on Bannockburn Booking you agree to not use the House or its facilities to conduct any                                      commercial activity or activity that seeks to gain profit without prior written consent from Vines on Bannockburn. 
4.5.    We reserve the right to terminate your Booking and retain any money paid to us for such Booking if we reasonably                        believe that you are in full or part breach of this agreement.
4.6.    You may make a Booking on someone else's behalf. You are responsible for ensuring that any customer in your                              booking complies with these terms as if that customer had made the Booking.
4.7.    You can only make a Booking if you are 18 years old or over. If you arrive at the House and are under 18 years of                          age you will not be permitted to stay alone. We may require photo id as proof of age.
4.8.    Sale rates are only available on Our Website. 
4.9.    You must ensure that the name on a Booking is correct at the time of Booking. Except the conditioned mentioned in                      these terms, this cannot be changed after making the Booking.

5.    The price and payment

5.1.    Room prices are per Room, per night and are inclusive of GST. Meals are additional and are not included in the Room                  price.
5.2.    The price you pay is the price mentioned on Our Website at the point of enquiry.
5.3.    Prices are inclusive of any applicable goods and services tax or other sales tax.
5.4.    We accept payment by cash, PayPal or internet banking. We do not accept cheques.  

6.    Cancellation and relocation

6.1.    A Room is reserved up to 6.00 pm on the arrival date unless you have made other arrangements with us in writing.
6.2.    You may cancel a Booking order at any time before 10.00 am two days prior to your arrival date.
6.3.    If you cancel within the period specified above, we shall refund any payment you may have made for the period                              cancelled. If you cancel later, you are not entitled to any refund of money paid. We may, in our absolute discretion,                          refund part of any money you have paid.
6.4.    The confirmation of cancellation that we send to you is your proof of cancellation and should be retained by you.
6.5.    If you cancel a Booking request after 10.00am, two days prior to the arrival date and have not already paid for the                          Room in advance, you must pay us for one night's accommodation.
6.6.    If a Room is unavailable on arrival (due to any reason) then, we will either:
6.6.1  provide an alternative Room in the House; or
6.6.2  at your request, cancel your Booking and refund you any money you have paid in advance for the Rooms including                        related additional services (if any).
6.7.    If you are due to pay on arrival at the House we will take payment for the cost of the Booking. Any additional costs                          over and above the original cost of the Booking can be charged for reasonable transport costs, car park charges (if any).

7.    Restrictions

For yourself and every person who comes to your Room, you agree that you will not:
7.1.    bring any pet animal to the House, except guide dogs for the blind;
7.2.    smoke in any part of our House. If you do, we may terminate your stay immediately and you will not be entitled to                          compensation.
7.3.    use in the House any electrical appliance without obtaining our specific consent in advance;
7.4.    transfer a Room reservation to any other person. If some person who is not obviously a member of your family or                          group tries to take up your reservation, we shall not allow them to do so. 
7.5.    cause damage to any part of the House, any Room, or any fixture, fitting or furniture. If you do, you agree to pay us                        immediately the sum we estimate as the cost of making good that damage.
7.6.    bring or use illegal drugs to the House.
7.7.    behave in an Anti-social or loud manner. If you do, we may terminate your stay immediately and you will not be                              entitled to compensation.

8.    Your indemnity

You now agree to indemnify us against all loss, including economic loss, caused to the House, its staff, contractors, clients and guests, arising from:
8.1.    your breach of this agreement;
8.2.    damage to any Room, fixture, fitting or furniture by you or any person for whom you have made a Booking, or who                          is in your party;
8.3.    any adverse affect you may have on any third party customer or client of ours, or any actual or potential booking by                        any such person.

9.    Miscellaneous matters

9.1.    Any obligation in this agreement intended to continue to have effect after termination or completion shall so                                    continue.
9.2.    No failure or delay by any party to exercise any right, power or remedy will operate as a waiver of it nor indicate any                      intention to reduce that or any other right in the future.
9.3.    Any communication to be served on either party by the other shall be delivered by hand or sent by first class post or                     recorded delivery or by e-mail.
          It shall be deemed to have been delivered:
          if delivered by hand: on the day of delivery;
          if sent by post to the correct address: within 72 hours of posting;
          if sent by e-mail to the address from which the receiving party has last sent e-mail: within 24 hours if no notice of                            non-receipt has been received by the sender.
9.4.    In the event of a dispute between the parties to this agreement, then they undertake to attempt to settle the dispute                        by engaging in good faith with the other in a process of mediation before commencing arbitration or litigation.
9.5.    This agreement does not give any right to any third party.
9.6.    We are not liable for any failure or delay in any circumstance beyond our reasonable control.
9.7.    The validity, construction and performance of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of New Zealand.

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